About Us

About Us

APP Development Co., Ltd.

A professional System Integrator (SI) that provides all-inclusive Information Technology (IT) procurement and system installation services for various organizations.

We possess the outstanding potential to create powerful operating system with the effective software and high-quality hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers to suit our client’s demands. In the same time, our company also specializes in other specific fields of: Aviation maintenance technician, Railway maintenance and equipment, Smart Farm, Marine simulator, Computer, Network solution and Internet Of Things (IOT) connectivity.

Our service

Strictly supervised with the touch of great service mind.


Our business operation

As our business operation is supervised by qualified personnel and proficient engineers, APP Development Co., Ltd.’s reputation has earned trust from the world’s leading manufacturers to be their official sales representative that enabling us to serve all customer demands with the perfect solutions.


Our steps of success

APP Development Co., Ltd. was formally founded.


Officially becoming business partnership with many top global software and hardware brands such as Apple, Lenovo, Cisco, Samsung, Viewsonic and Baro.


Being the official partners with many of international companies, such as:

  • ‘AVOTEK’, The world-class Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) manufacturer of United States.
  • ‘SMART Transport Simulators’, The Transportation simulators company of United Kingdom.
  • ‘BARO’, The smart classroom technology producer of South Korea.
  • Also, becoming the authorized partner with China in the railway business of providing maintenance systems and spare parts.



APP Development Co., Ltd.

We progressively search for new innovation to serve ever-growing economy and digital society.


Our devotion in customer services is reflected in our accreditation with ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems